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Our massages consist of diverse style treatments using organic and natural products. Choose from a variety of massages from swedish to reflexology. All of our massages are customized and therapeutic in their own way.

To make your spa experience even greater, don’t forget your complimentary glass of wine or refreshing cranberry juice. Upon request we can arrange snacks and Champagne!

Relaxing Swedish Massage

$45 - 25 min, $80 - 50 min, $120 - 80 min. This relaxing therapeutic massage will reduce stress, tightness and pain in your body. At the same time it energizes your body and speeds up healing through improved circulation.

Deep Therapeutic/Sports Massage

$60 - 25 min, $100 - 50 min, $150 - 80 min. Deep muscle massage will help you with chronic muscle pain and injury rehabilitation resulting in balanced nervous system and overall feeling of relaxation.

Therapeutic Combo Massage

$55 - 25 min, $90 - 50 min, $135 - 80 min. Swedish and Deep Tissue massage techniques and pressure combined to meet your needs.

Hot Stone Massage

$100 - 50 min, $150 - 80 min. This is a combination of Swedish massage and heated smooth lava stones to deeply relax you, improve energy flow and alleviate pain and soreness.

Mommy to be massage

$95 - 50 min. Both effective and gentle safe massage which reduces pregnancy discomforts and enhances physiological and emotional well being of a mother and her fetus. Specially designed cushions are used in order to support you in the most comfortable position.


$45 - 25 min, $85 - 50 min. This body work applies pressure to the reflexive zones on your feet (25 min), hands and head (50 min). It is specially usefull in stress related illnesses and emotional disorders.It reduces pain, increases relaxation and stimulates circulation of blood and lymph.

Pampering Add-Ons

Body Scrub Add-on

$ 40

25 mins

Hands and/or feet scrub

$ 15

10 min

Scalp massage

$ 15

10 min

Anti Aging Hands Treatment

$ 25

15 min

Paraffin Treatment Hand or Feet Add-On

$ 30

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