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Nail Treatments

We offer Nexgen dip which is a great replacement for acrylics, no more harsh smell, and is gentle on your nails! Also we use high quality polishes like Shellac and Vinylux besides OPI, Zoya and Essie.


Ulitmate Spa Manicure

$ 55

Includes essential manicure, exfoliation, hot towel, paraffin, and hand massage.

Spa Manicure

$ 38

45 min. Includes manicure, exfoliation, hot towel, and hand massage.

Essential Manicure

$ 25

30 min

Shellac (Gel Polish) Manicure

$ 35

60 min

NexGen Dip Powder (full set)

$ 40

60 min. Color only. Great replacement for acrylics! Gentle on your nails!

NexGen (full set)

$ 50

75 min. Pink and White. Great replacement for acrylics! Gentle on your nails!

NexGen add-on tips

$ 15

15 min. Great replacement for acrylics! Gentle on your nails!

French add-on

$ 5

Polish Change

$ 20

15 min


Ultimate Spa Pedicure

$ 75

90 min. Includes hot stone massage, exfoliation, paraffin and mask.

Charcoal Detox Pedicure

$ 65

70 min. Four-step Charcoal Detox, contains activated black charcoal absorbing thousands of times its own weight in impurities. Includes soak exfoliation, mask and hot stone massage.

Spa Pedicure

$ 70

75 min. Includes hot stone massage, exfoliation and paraffin.


$ 50

60 min. Includes hot stone massage and exfoliation.

Essential Pedicure

$ 40

45 min

Shellac (Gel Polish) Pedicure

$ 65

Child's Manicure and Pedicure

$ 50

45 min. Children aged 10 years old and under only.

Pampering Add-ons

Anti Aging Hands Treatment

$ 25

15 min. Includes exfoliation, massage, mask and moisturizer.

Hands and/or feet scrub

$ 15

10 min

Hands and/or feet massage

$ 15

10 min

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