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Personalized Gift Certificate


Our gift certificates never expire.

Gift Card Recipient Information

We create a new client profile in our Online Booking System for all gift certificates and Spa Packages to make it easy for recipients to book appointments with us. We only ship to addresses inside the United States, including PO Boxes since your purchase will be shipped via the US Postal Service. If your order contains more than one Gift Card or Spa Package, you can personalize each one differently so do not hesitate to order several at one time.

Name of Recipient * 

Recipient’s Street Address * 

Recipient’s Apartment or Suite Number

This information will be printed below the street address, typically used for Apt #, or Suite #.

Recipient’s City * 

Recipient’s State * 

Two Letter Code for State as defined by the USPS.

Recipient’s Zip Code * 

Must be either 5 or 9 digits.

Recipient’s e-mail Address * 

We only need the recipient’s e-mail address to attach their certificate to their account in our Spa Management System. We will not send them the gift certificate electronically unless they misplace the physical certificate.

Personalized Message for Recipient

Our system will copy your personalized message below to the recipient’s gift certificate so we cannot edit/change/correct anything in your text. Some special characters may not be allowed by the system, so try to use letters and common punctuation where possible and stay below 250 characters.

SKU gc-200


$200 Gift Certificate

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Weight 1 oz